How to Reupholster a Barrel Chair

What You'll Need
Barrel chair
Fabric of your choice
Staple gun and remover
Cotton batting
Glue gun

Lots of 1960s and 1970s-inspired furniture is making a comeback these days, so if you are interested in recreating a retro piece of furniture, you might want to learn how to reupholster a barrel chair. You might already have a barrel chair stored in your basement, a family member may have one to offer you, or you can find one at local thrift store. Renovating furniture will add a unique look to your home. If you follow the instructions given here, you will be on your way to mastering the art of reupholstering.

Step 1 - Remove the Offending Fabric and Clean Up the Chair

If bright orange flowered print isn’t your style, use a pair of pliers to remove the tacks or staples holding the existing fabric in place. Then, remove all of the fabric, as well as the batting. Set the pieces aside in an orderly manner. If you see excess nails, tacks, staples or glue, eliminate them.

Step 2 - Measure the Fabric Pieces

Use the pieces you have just removed as a guide to cut out pieces of your new, improved fabric. Lay the old pieces on large swatches of new material. You can either trace the old pieces onto the new stuff with a pencil and then cut them out, or simply cut around the old pieces, whichever you prefer. Try to leave a few inches of overhang material on each piece to make it easier to work with, as it’s better to have a little extra material than not enough. Now you will have everything you need to cover your barrel chair.

Step 3 - Situate the Batting

If you haven’t done so already, remove all of the old cotton batting. Staple or tack down new cotton batting in its place. Make sure it is secure. Doing this will make your chair more comfortable.

Step 4 - Upholster the Chair Back, Seat and Arms

Position the new material over the chair back, tucking extra fabric into the chair’s sides tightly. Use your staple gun to secure the fabric after you are certain that it is laying the way you want it to. Then, lay the seat material down and pull the excess straight down towards the floor. Staple it in place. Finally, lay on a third of the arm chair pieces over each arm and pull the rest of the material toward the back of the chair. Tack into place.

Step 5 - Add Welting

Go along the fabric’s edges and lay down the welting. Make sure you like how it looks, then grab your glue gun to secure the welting.

You’ve just completed the last step involved in reupholstering a barrel chair. Now, take a minute to contemplate your work. You should see an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture that will turn the heads of those who visit your home.