How to Reupholster Teak Dining Room Furniture

If you need a new look for your teak dining room furniture or you just need to replace old upholstery, you can reupholster your teak dining room furniture yourself. With some fabric and a few tools from your garage, you can have a new-looking set of dining room furniture.

Choosing the Fabric

If you’re redecorating your kitchen or just need to replace old fabric, you’ll need to start by choosing a new fabric for your teak dining room furniture. Make sure you choose a durable fabric that will be easily wiped from the chair in case of a food or drink spill.

Taking Apart the Chairs

Turn the chair upside down and unscrew the cushion part from the chair’s frame. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to replace the fabric or place the new fabric on top of the old fabric. If you have an older set of chairs, you might want to put in some extra filling.

Putting Together Your New Chair

Once you’ve removed the fabric staples or nails from your teak dining room furniture, its time to stretch new fabric over the seat cushions. Use a staple gun or nails to attach the new fabric.