How to Reupholster the Interior of a Demo Car

What You'll Need
New Upholstery
Upholstery stapler gun
Ratchet set

demo car is basically a car that a supervisor or a manager at a car dealership gets to drive around. They will be able to use this car as long as they work at the dealership. The aesthetics of a demo car are crucial to the company. It is important that this car be well cared for and appearing to be new for as long as possible. This is why reupholstering a demo car’s interior needs to be done more often on a demo car than on a ordinary vehicle.

Step 1 – Remove Parts

The first thing that you will need to do is remove whatever parts of the car that are going to be reupholstered like the seats. Seat shouldn't be  difficult to take out. You will simply need a flashlight to look around for bolts that fasten the seats to the frame.

Step 2 – Remove Fabric

Your next step involves getting removing the old fabric. Ideally you will be able to tear off the old upholstery in one large sheet. This will make putting down the new upholstery much easier. You will find a series of staples that surround the base. Take these off first to make sure that the upholstery comes off easily.

Step 3 – Lay out Old Material

You will now need to get the old fabric and lay it flat on big pieces of paper. You will need to trace around each of the pieces so that you can get a pattern created for the area. This method only works if the upholstery came off in one sheet. If it did not then you will have to use your imagination.

Step 4 – Cut out New Material

Once you have the patterns drawn out on your paper, lay it out over the new material. Cut your new material out so that it matches the pattern. It is a good idea to keep your old material nearby so that you will be able to compare the two to make sure that you did not miss anything.

Step 5 – Apply New Material

Once you have cut the material you are ready to apply it. The best way to attach material is with staples. Use a staple gun to apply the staples to the base. Make sure that you keep the staples evenly spaced and use enough so that the material will stick.

Step 6 – Finish Up

Once you have your upholstery applied you are ready to reinstall the newly upholstered parts of the car. Be sure that you have all of the necessary pieces nearby so that you can reinstall the sections easily.