How to Reupholster Your Desk Chair How to Reupholster Your Desk Chair

What You'll Need
Flat-head Screwdriver
Staple Gun and Staples
Electric Knife
Upholstering Fabric (1 yard)
Marker and/or pins

You might ask yourself how to successfully reupholster your worn out or old fashioned desk chair. It is quite easy, actually. Giving a new, fresh look to an ugly office chair consumes very little time, and is also economical. With some little work, and a bit of initiative, you will manage to customize your desk chair to your liking.

With no complicated methods, sewing or hours of hard work, you will be surprised how different the look on your desk chair is after you reupholster it. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of recovering your old chair. Just follow these easy steps:

Step 1 – Choosing your Fabric

Whether you are choosing to reupholster your desk chair to match your room decor, or to give it a new look, make sure to choose the appropriate material and design. Purchase a fabric of high quality and durability, since it will last for more years. There are fabrics produced specifically for reupholstering. Medium-weight materials are a good option.

Step 2 – Disassemble the Desk Chair

Disassemble the desk chair, by removing the back and the seat of the chair. With a flat-head screwdriver, remove the old fabric and foam from these components. Put these to the side, because you will use them as a pattern for the new upholstery.

Step 3 – Cutting the New Material

With your old seat and back covers, take the measurements to cut your new fabric. Put them on each other on a flat surface, and with a scissors cut around slowly. If you are unsure of holding the fabrics in place, pin them together.

Step 4 – Cutting the Foam

Place your new foam on your working area. Put on top of it the old seat and back of the desk chair. With the marker slowly sketch around the old foams onto the new ones. Using the electric knife, cut the foam out. Make sure to take your time, so you make them the right size and shape. Smooth out rough edges with a scissors.

Step 5 – Upholstering

Put the upholstering fabric facing down, and smooth it gently. Center the foam, and put the desk chair seat on top. Pull 1 side of the material in 1 corner of the seat, and use the stapler to secure it in place. Move to the opposite side and, pulling tightly, do the same. Repeat on the other 2 sides. Once the 4 corners are in place, work around the seat, until all fabric is stapled down.

Repeat this process for the back of the desk chair.

Step 6 – Final Touches

It is important to give your new upholstered seat and back a good finish. Make sure that the new covering is smooth and even. Trim off any excess fabric, leaving only 2 inches beyond the staples. Remember, don’t cover any plugs on the pads that need be inserted back on your desk chair. Finally, reassemble the chair, by putting in place the finished back and seat.

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