How to Reuse a Colored Glass Bottle

Colored glass bottles are easy to reuse in a variety of decor and landscape projects. Consider the ideas below to help you think of creative ways to reuse your colored glass water, wine or beer bottles.

Use Part of the Colored Glass Bottle

Using a diamond saw or etcher, cut off the portion of the bottle you do not want to use and put it in for glass recycling. Cutting off the neck and top of the glass bottle creates smoothly shaped vases and candle holders. Create a group by cutting down 4 or more bottles at various heights, and putting solid pillar candles in them. Sand around the cut edge with fine diamond sandpaper to prevent glass splinters.

Use the Whole Glass Bottle

Design and make innovative yard borders or edge a garden bed with several beer bottles. Simply remove the labels, clean the bottles thoroughly, and invert them in the ground. Placed very closely together, they will reduce soil erosion in your flower bed.

Take a few wine bottles to a glass blower's shop and have the entire bottle melted, so it collapses into a shallow tray. Set 3 tealights on the tray to make a unique candle light fixture.