How to Reuse a Milk Carton


Milk cartons can be turned into a variety of different items, so it seems a shame not to reuse them. Recycling milk cartons can also save you having to get rid of them in the trash, where they take up a lot of room, or having to squash them down.

Reusing a Milk Carton

Clean out the milk carton, and cover it with a layer of wallpaper or wrapping paper. It can then be given to children to use for storing pens and crayons – for a twist, wrap the carton in plain paper, and let the kids decorate it.

Take the top off of several milk cartons, and glue them together, side by side. They can be used to hold wool, cosmetics, bathroom items like toothpaste or face cleanser.

Remove the white plastic top from a milk carton, and fold in the sides. Put a little bit of felt on one side, and then wrap the entire milk carton in fabric – it can now be used as a pin cushion!

Cut the top from a milk carton, and reuse it as a planter: fill the space with soil, and put in seeds. Leave on a windowsill, and watch the seedlings sprout!