How To Revitalize An Old Marble Countertop

Replacing a marble countertop could cost thousands of dollars. However, revitalizing your marble countertop is an excellent way to gain a fresh, new look without all the cost. Here are a few steps to follow to provide a new look to your old marble countertop.


  • Prepare the countertop surface area by wiping it clean of any food or other particles before beginning any sanding stage.
  • Remove any bumps and irregularities on the surface area using a power sander with fine grade paper. This is called “flattening” and performing this task will also remove any rough areas along with any stains and scratches.
  • The next step is honing the surface area to provide smoothness. This is done using an up and down sanding movement – not side to side.
  • Polish the marble surface area with a commercially available wax-based product.
  • Apply a crystallizing coating to bring out the color and shine

Tips to Remember
Remove all objects from anywhere near the countertop during your work activity. Make sure all walls and wood cabinets are protected from flying material, chemicals and cleaners. If not confident about your power sanding skills, seek professional help.