How to Revitalize an Old Portable Carport

What You'll Need
Patch Repair Cloth
Metal Sealant
Fabric Repair Kit
Replacement Cover
Replacement Sides

Portable carports make for great outdoor accessories, whether its for covering up your boat year round or hiding under from the harsh sun during the summer. However, by their portable nature, they tend to get beat up and don’t last as long. If you want to get a few more years out of your portable carport, here are a few tips on ways to revitalize it.

Step 1 – Replace Covers and Sides

Perhaps the easiest and most basic way to bring your old carport back to life is to replace the covers and sides, especially if you have a soft top portable carport. The soft tops are the most susceptible to wear and tear over time, and more likely than not, you have a tear or two in your cover. If it is just one or two tears, you might make due with buying a repair kit for heavy duty fabrics and similar materials. But there is no substitution for a brand new cover and sides.

Step 2 – Repairing Leaks

As mentioned above, for soft top carports, there are repair kits that can be bought for fixing up various materials. For a steel or aluminum carport (often these are pop-up style portable carports), you will have to purchase a patch repair cloth for metal, as well as a sealant to apply over it.

Step 3 – The Framing

Fixing up the framing for your portable carport can be a bit trickier. In some cases, for telescoping supports that don’t extend, you can try using oil on them to lube them up, but in many cases they are stuck because of a dent or other damage, in which case you will more than likely have to simply replace them. For replacement parts, check first with the original manufacturer, as that is your best bet for finding a replacement part that will work with the rest of your frame. Barring that, try to avoid purchase replacement parts on the internet that aren’t specifically made to fit your needs. Instead, locate a local store that sells portable carports and spare parts, and bring the part that needs replacing to make a comparison.

Step 4 – Additions

Beyond basic repair and replacement, you can revitalize your old portable carport by adding accessories to it. While this is much easier to do with non-portable carports, especially wooden ones, there are still some options that are available for portable carports.

For example, you can buy an adjustable spacer. This is a set of bars installed in the roof of your soft top carport that will push up and raise the roof, allowing for taller options (such as your boat on its trailer) to fit comfortably underneath. Also, consider adding stakes, sand bags, or other weights to the posts for added stability against the elements.

Portable carports are capable of being revitalized, but remember that they will only suffer more wear and tear in the future. Unless you know you’ll be moving it around regularly, you may consider buying something more stable and permanent.