How to Roll Edge Carpet

What You'll Need
Carpet Tacks
Craft Knife
Knee kicker
Carpet Stretcher

If you are looking to roll up a carpet edge, you may be interested in the upholstering practice of roll edge. This is another way of describing the stretching of the carpet, and you can do this in a few hours, allowing you to get the best from your carpet. It is not always possible to get the best layout of your carpet if you do not pay attention to its straightness, and stretching out the carpet edge, and then pinning it under the side can help you to improve the quality and endurance of your furnishing. It will also help to enlarge the carpet slightly, giving your more room to work with in the future.

Step 1 - Rolling the Carpet

Begin by positioning your carpet so that it is stretched out as tightly as possible. Make sure that the carpet is rolled up neatly, so that you have a good starting position for your roll edge process. Start by unrolling your carpet, and then take it up at one edge, and pull it until you have the carpet as flat as possible. Turn the carpet edge around, and you should be able to roll it into a suitable pipe shape. If you can't manage this all at once, it might be a good idea to have a friend come over and assist you in getting it done.

Step 2 - Securing the Underlay

When the carpet is ready, go around and secure the underlay into position. The underlay will need to be securely placed against the floor, so that you have a flat, smooth surface on which to begin stretching the carpet. Trim the underlay so that it sits flush against the side of the room, and then add one tack every 3 to 4 inches. Remove any excess underlay using a craft knife or similar.

Step 3 - Stretch the Carpet

You can rent or buy power carpet stretcher tools from a local home improvement store, renting is probably better as you only need to pay for the time you are using it, and don't need to store a bulky power tool. Turn on the power stretcher, and position the carpet edge into the mouth of the device. Push the lever down, so that the carpet is held tightly, and then hold tightly onto the carpet backing, and pull it towards the opposite side of the room.

Step 4 - Completing the Job

Once you have the carpet taut in your hands, you can the place the edge over the tack strip, pushing it tightly into the teeth. You can add a temporary tack for the moment. Release the handle, and then do the same for the other corner of that side of the carpet. Stretch out the carpet as before, and hold tightly onto it. To increase the stretch, release the carpet edge, and place it into position a little deeper along he edge of the carpet. Once this is done. Use the knee kicker to complete the stretch, and then apply tacks to the carpet.