How to Run a Gas Line for Your Gas Wall Fireplace

A wall fireplace.
  • 15-30 hours
  • Advanced
  • 500-2,000
What You'll Need
Gas pipe
Compression fittings
Pipe cutters
Pipe wrench
Adjustable wrench

A gas wall fireplace is a popular addition that people add to their home as an alternative to a wood-burning fireplace. The gas wall fireplace does not require the collection of wood, cleaning out the ashes, or keeping the chimney clean. The same ambiance is created with the glow of the fire and the heat from the flames but without a lot of the extra work involved. Installing a gas wall fireplace should always be done by a professional as it requires adherence to certain building codes. If you are experienced with working with gas, then you will have no problem with running a gas line. Here are the steps you should take to finish this project.

Step 1 - Read Over Manual

The most important part of the process is to make sure you know the manufacturer's specifications for the type of pipe needed. You will also want to know some particulars for the specific make and model of the gas wall fireplace. Read over the manual and become familiar with the exacts of running the gas line.

Step 2 - Plan Route of Gas Line

After knowing the specifics of the gas fired furnace you must then plan the route of the gas line. The line itself should be as straight as possible from the fireplace to the gas meter. There will be certain areas where there will be the need to make some bends, but the line itself should be as straight as possible. Consult with a gas technician for their opinion on where the gas line should run.

Step 3 - Schedule Inspection

Whenever working with the gas line you will need to have an inspection on the rough-in plumbing. Before starting any work on the line itself, get the required permits and schedule an inspection of your gas line.

Step 4 - Shut off Gas

Shut the gas off at the gas meter. Open up a gas valve in order to drain the lines completely.

Step 5 - Run Pipes Along Route

Lay out the gas pipes along the route that you want to take. Drill holes in the floor next to the gas wall fireplace for the pipes to be able to go through.

Step 6 - Cut Gas Line

When cutting the gas line is required, you should either use a pair of pipe cutters or a heavy pipe cutter if you are using heavy black iron pipes. Make the cut clean and use some emery cloth on the end to remove any burrs.

Step 7 - Solder Elbows and Connections

Going around corners will require the use of elbows to make the turns. To secure the gas line together with the elbows, solder the two pieces together with a propane torch and iron solder. Heat up the pipe until it is hot enough for the solder to melt. Touch the solder to the area and it will seal around the entire piping.

Step 8 - Connect Gas Line

Once you reach the gas wall fireplace, set a compression fitting onto the end of the tubing. Connect it to the fireplace and wait for the inspection. Once the gas line has passed, turn on the gas and enjoy the fireplace.