How to Safely Clean a Ridge Vent

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 150-250
What You'll Need
Extension ladder
Watering hose

A ridge vent is installed at the roof peak to permit the surge of warm, clammy air to expel from the attic of the house to the outer surface. It is also used in building and remodeling houses. These vents can be integrated in your interior home improvement and remodeling. You can select from a range of roof venting systems but this depends on your needs or home structure. While the installation and cleaning of a ridge vent requires skills, you can still do it on your own by following these steps.

Finding the Drain Vent

Before climbing up the roof, you should see to it that you secure an extension ladder.Always use caution when climbing ladders. Then, you should trace the drain vent. The drain vent is about 4 inches in diameter, reaching about 1 to 2 feet higher than the surface of the roof. It is made of metal or synthetic pipe and most likely will be coming out over the bathroom. Just shift the ladder for more easy access.

Turn on the water hose

Before cleaning the vent, see if there are any obstructions along the vent. Make use of a flashlight to give light into the vent. Then, at a high pressure, turn on the water hose and set water down the drain. Once you hear a whooshing crash of the water, verify again using your flashlight in order to be confident that there is no obstacle and the ridge is cleaned.