How to Safely Climb a Barbed Wire Fence

What You'll Need
A frame ladder
Old thick mat or blanket
Thick safety gloves
Length of rope

If a barbed wire fence protects the boundary of your property, it is a good idea to know how to climb it in a safe manner should the need to do so arise. By following a few steps, you can ensure that you are able to effectively undertake the task without incurring injury.

Step 1 – Inspection  

Before attempting to scale the fence, undertake your inspection to decide on the best point to do so. This will often be easier when there is a single row of barbed wire. If you need to climb your own fence, you should also scout the location to determine the best place to position a ladder. The safest place will normally be adjacent to one of the fence posts.    

Step 3 – Position Ladder or Rope

For a barbed wire fence that you encounter on a hike or some other journey, drape a piece of rope over the top rung of barbed wire in between two of the spiked sections. Carefully take hold of the two ends of the rope so that it safely holds as many rungs of wire as is possible. Taking into account how tightly the barbed wire is secured, tie the ends of the rope together to pull down the wire until it rests in a wide V shape. When it comes to your own fence, securely position the ladder at the point where you intend to climb it. Depending on the height of the ladder, you may still need to follow the above procedure.

Step 4 – Cover Barbed Wire   

When seeking to climb a barbed wire fence that you have secured with rope, throw the mat or blanket up and over the barbed wire rungs so that it is evenly draped. If the fence is on your own property, climb the ladder and use a pair of pliers to fold the top barbs at the point where you intend to climb so that the spike is away from you. This can then be covered with a thick blanket or rug.

Step 5 – Climb

Wearing the safety gloves, plant your hands at a safe point on the cover so you can lift your leg over it to climb over to the other side.

If you do not have any equipment to assist you, climb the fence at one of the posts as there is likely to be a gap between the post and the spikes to enable it to be ascended like a ladder.