How to Safely Create Homemade Wallpaper Removal Solution

What You'll Need
Large cloths
Fireguard or work safety barrier
Water (2 liters)
White vinegar (2 liters)
4 lemons
Fabric conditioner
A large bucket
A wooden stick or pole
Long protective gloves
Large sponges
Clear plastic bottles

Wallpaper removal can be a challenging job if you do not use the right solution to help remove old patterns. There are a variety of materials which you can use to create a wallpaper removal solution but some are more environmentally friendly than others. An eco-friendly solution can be easily made with typical household items and used safely.

Step 1 - Cover and Protect

Before you start to mix up the homemade solution, it's important to cover and protect all of the surrounding areas where you will be working. Lay down large cloths on the floor and adjacent furniture. Also, make it clear to anyone else in the home that you are about to mix the solution so they do not come into a potentially hazardous area with slipping risks and multiple amounts of tools or materials. Consider placing a guard around the working area to stop curious children from running in. You could use a fireguard or work safety barrier for this.

Step 2 - Ingredients

Your next step is to assemble all of the ingredients you need to create the solution. You will need something acidic to work with a copious amount of warm water. White vinegar is best as it's something that most people have at home and it will not stain your walls when you use it. Also, take a few lemons if you have them. The acids from these will intensify the strength of the final solution. If you do not have any white vinegar or lemon juice readily available, fabric softener can do a similar job.

Step 3 - Mix

Take a large bucket and pour in around 2 liters of warm water and 2 liters of vinegar. Vinegar can be bought cheaply in large quantities from many home grocery stores. Stir the solution around with a large wooden stick or pole until both elements have been thoroughly combined. Cut the lemons in half with a utility knife and squeeze as much juice in as possible. Stir again thoroughly.

Step 4 - Protect Yourself

You now need to apply the homemade solution to the wall. This will mean that you have to dip right into the solution to enjoy the intense benefits of the acids contained in the vinegar and lemons. Protect yourself with long household gloves. These gloves will also allow you to stir the solution with your hands for better material combination without the risk of irritating your skin.

Step 5 - Apply

Apply the homemade solution over the area you want to strip wallpaper from. The acids and water will combine to soften and remove any adhesive glue. Using sponges is a good idea as they will soak up much of the formula and allow you to apply it safely without splashing it everywhere.  

Step 6 - Label and Store

Finish this entire process by storing any remaining solutions in clear plastic bottles. Make sure you label them properly and store them out of harms way for later use.