How to Safely Cut with a Brick Saw

What You'll Need
Brick Saw
Safety Goggles
Face Mask

A brick saw is an essential tool for all kinds of work, minor or major. It is stronger than a typical woodcutting saw, and can be used to cut through harder materials like marble, tiles, stones and any other kind of masonry. It comes in varied sizes and blade configurations. While using a brick saw, it is important to remember certain things, so that you do not end up cutting your hand, instead of the object you intend to.

Step 1: Individual Safety

While operating a brick saw, you need to be well protected against the risk of any accidents or injuries. It is better that you wear well fitted work clothes, and nothing that is loose. A pair of goggles is an absolute must, since while being cut, pieces of the material tend to fly about. Your eyes must be well protected against any such pieces or concrete debris. A face mask too is another essential protection that aids you in cutting the masonry safely, without the fear of having any health problems as a result of inhaling any dust particles.

Step 2: Technical Safety

It is better to use the brick saw after thoroughly going through its manual. Never generalize the mode of operation for all the different brick saw models, since the hand brick saw, table brick saw, and the larger brick saw models have separate techniques of cutting. Make sure that you do not use any type of saw for a cut that it is not expected to perform as per the instructions in the manual. Keep the speed mentioned in the manual in mind while cutting with a brick saw, as a higher speed can cause the saw blade to go berserk.

Step 3: Methodical Safety

The easiest method of cutting a brick with a brick saw is to keep the brick on the platform for cutting, and then place the saw on the brick such that the line, along which you need to cut, is aligned against the saw blade. Once you turn the saw on, make sure that there is constant water supply on the saw and the bricks to be cut. Cut so that you make a small cut first and then pull off the blade and make another small cut. Continue cutting in this manner, until the cut is completed. This ensures a perfect finish, and also prevents wearing off of the blade.

Step 4: Surrounding Safety

As a safety precaution, it is advised that you check the condition of the brick saw blade. Never cut with a brick saw that has a blade which is worn out to a great degree. Make sure that the switches and the wires that you power the saw with are in good working condition, so that there are no risks of short circuits and the like. Ensure that the work area is uncluttered and is devoid of any combustible material.