How to Safely Dispose of Broken Tempered Glass

What You'll Need
Strong safety gloves
Pieces of string
Plastic bags
A hard bristled broom

You can dispose of tempered glass in a number of different ways. It is important that you dispose of it in a safe manner to prevent injury to yourself. There are a number of useful ways that broken glass can even be recycled.

Step 1: Recycle

Figure out whether your glass can be recycled. Tempered glass can be recycled for many art and community projects. See if there is a group in your community in need of remnants and supply your broken tempered glass to them.

Step 2: Handling

Put on a pair of strong safety gloves before you try and move any pieces of glass. Get a few sheets of newspaper and wrap larger pieces of glass into papered layers. Tie the newspaper with pieces of string and place inside a large plastic bag. Do not throw away with the normal house trash but take it to a recycling center instead.

Step 3: Clean

Take a hard bristled broom and sweep the area where the glass fell, making sure the area is completely clear of remnants. Although you may be confident that you have cleared all the glass, there may still be small particles left which will cut feet if they are not swept away. It pays to sweep several times to avoid the risk of cuts.