How to Safely Remove a Bathroom Mirror

What You'll Need
5-in-1 painters tool
Flat pry bars (2)
Duct tape
Blow dryer
Stainless steel wire or old guitar wire
Soft towels
Safety goggles and gloves

Removing bathroom mirrors while undertaking renovation work or during relocation can become a mess if not done properly. The mirrors are usually very large (and of course, valuable) or they are directly glued to the wall.

To be safe, dress in long sleeves, pants and closed-toe shoes. You will also need someone to help you out if the mirror is too heavy for one person to handle. 

Remove a Mirror with Holders

First, cover the entire mirror surface with duct tape so that even if the mirror breaks, no bodily or material damage is inflicted. If the mirror is supported by brackets, just unscrew the holders (starting from top) and take down the mirror gently. Your work will be done in couple of minutes

Remove a Glued Mirror

In case the mirror is directly glued to the wall, heat the entire mirror surface with a blow dryer to soften mastic (glue) that holds the mirror and wall together. Starting from top, gently slide in the painter’s tool between wall and mirror to separate them. Once a small crevice is made, insert steel wire between them and bring it downwards in a sawing motion to separate mirror from wall. If painter’s tool does not give desired results, then use pry bars.

After Removal

After removing the mirror, wrap it up in soft towels for preventing it from breaking.