How to Safely Remove Asbestos Floor Tiles

Caution tape warning of asbestos danger.
  • 5-15 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-100
What You'll Need
Rubber boots
Liquid Detergent
Spray Bottles
Utility knife
Putty knife
Duct tape
Garbage Bags

Before you start this task you need to think about whether you want to do this job on your own or if you wish to hire a professional contractor to take care of the asbestos floor tiles. Asbestos is a very dangerous thing to deal with. This material was used because of its convenience to manufacture, its price, and because it was not flammable. However, over the years it has been proven that asbestos causes major illnesses like cancer, and that is the reason why the use of asbestos materials has been stopped in the United States of America.

The reason to do things on your own is to save a little money, however, there are times when you should think about your health. In the case that you wish to do this job on your own, you can follow these guidelines as reference, but you must also take into consideration your state's building codes, and expert advice.

Step 1 - Isolating the Area

The number one thing to remember is that you must do whatever is necessary to remove whole pieces of the tile. If you do not do so the particles can float on the air and they can be easily breathed causing asbestosis and other pulmonary illnesses. For this reason, you need to isolate the area by putting plastic over the doors of the place where you are working, covering cup boards, windows, and vents.

Use the plastic to cover the entrances and use the duct tape to secure the plastic. Wet the floor with water and a spray bottle or a hose in order to keep the dust particles from floating on the air.

Step 2 - Wearing Your Protective Gear

You must wear coveralls, dust mask, goggles, gloves, and boots. This is to keep you from getting hurt and from breathing any asbestos particles.

Step 3 - Preparing the Asbestos Flooring for Removal

Take a utility knife and cut the asbestos into manageable pieces. Next, start lifting the asbestos vinyl tiles and with the scraper keep on separating the tile from the floor. You can lift and safely place the vinyl in a bag that is resistant, and does not have any holes. Make sure to label the bag stating that it is dangerous material and that it is asbestos.

Step 4 - Cleaning up the Floor

Remove any extra dust by simply using a wet towel. Make sure to always keep on changing the water and you can use liquid detergent to better clean the area. You can also mop the area using the mop.

Step 5 - Disposal of the Asbestos Flooring Debris

You cannot throw your asbestos material in the landfill. You need to consult your local government to find out where you can safely dispose of the asbestos.

This guide on how to safely remove asbestos floor tile help you get the job done. Remember, your safety should come first and there's nothing wrong with hiring a pro.