How to Safely Use a Beam Jack How to Safely Use a Beam Jack

What You'll Need
Beam jack
Hard hat
Steel capped boots
Safety gloves

To ensure that you can get beams into the desired position in the course of building work, you may find that a beam jack will be necessary. This will be able to take the strain and make it easier to lift the beams into place. However, as with any piece of equipment, you will need to know how to use it safely to ensure that the task does not result in injury.

Step 1 – Prepare

The first step is to prepare the beam jack and the area in which you will be working. If the tool is being rented, make sure you get advice and instructions from staff at the tool rental company on how to use it properly. When working with machinery and heavy items, safety gear will be necessary to make sure that no harm results. Maneuvering heavy or awkward items can result in injury and damage if not carried out correctly, which will warrant the need for safety gloves, steel capped boots and a hard hat.

Step 2 – Weight

As part of the preparation process, you will also need to inspect the beams that are to be raised to ensure that you are aware of the point that is most solid. This is the section that needs to be laid on the jack platform. Check the weight of the beams that you are working with along with the capability of the beam jack and how much weight it can lift. This will prevent the jack failing while you are completing the lifting process. Jacks can be powered by different energy sources, such as hydraulics and air pressure, and you will find that this can determine how capable it is and how much weight it can carry.

Step 3 – Position

Position the beam jack below the point where the beam is to be fitted. If necessary, clear the area in which you are working to ensure that the jack is not hindered. Ensure that the jack is the correct way around to allow you to easily reach the controls, which will ensure that you can raise and lower the jack when necessary. Different jacks utilize different controls so you must ensure that you choose one of the options that it most suitable. For example, if a foot pump will prove difficult to operate, choose one that uses a button or a hand lever. Make sure that you choose a control that you can continually be in command of and which will not accidentally be operated.   

Step 4 – Installation

Before lifting the beam into its required position, you must have all the tools and equipment required to complete the installation. Have them close at hand so that you can fit the beam without needing to keep it suspended in the air for longer than necessary. Make sure that you have enough room to access the beam once it has reached the correct height.

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