How to Safely Use a Handsaw to Cut Down a Tree

What You'll Need
Safety glasses
Heavy shoes
Orchard ladder

Using a handsaw is not as difficult as it is deemed to be. It is one of the most familiar hand-held tools most commonly used in the gardening or woodcraft professions. If, for some reason, you need to cut down a tree, the safest way to do so is by means of a handsaw. Keep in mind that when cutting branches and trees they give way without warning due to gravity and thus you wouldn’t want to be in the way. Therefore although cutting down a tree is relatively easy, use your common sense to avoid any mishaps.

Step  1: The Handsaw

First of all you want to make sure the handsaw has sharp teeth. Do not use a handsaw with a rusty blade since this might break while you use it. You can do this by using a grinding machine, a metal file or else by finding a professional. Moreover, most handsaws come with an easy grip handle and that is the only area where you would want to hold the handsaw from. When using the handsaw do not apply pressure with your hand onto the blade since you might end up hurting yourself (this is why you need to have a sharp blade). You should wear safety goggles all the time to protect your eyes.

Step 2: Cut the Branches

The first thing you would want to do is to cut down the branches. Start with the top bigger ones. Since cut-down branches come off unexpectedly it is important to use an orchard ladder and cut the branches from above and not from below. Given that you have a sharp saw in your hand it is advisable to ask someone to support your ladder for you. You wouldn’t want to lose your balance and end up harming yourself. To cut down the branches use short and steady strokes. Once you have cut through to the last inches of the branch make sure to use lighter strokes to avoid the sudden breaking of the branch. When you have finished cutting down all the branches clear up the ground because that is where you will be working to cut down the tree trunk.

Step 3: Cut Down the Tree

Once the branches are gone and the ground is clear you can start to work on cutting the trunk itself. At this point you need to cut the tree in the direction it is leaning to. The best way is to cut at about 6 inches from the ground. The first thing to do is to cut a triangular wedge going through 40 percent of the trunk in the direction you want the tree to fall by using steady strokes. Next you will use the handsaw to cut a horizontal back cut on the opposite side just a few centimeters above the first one. Do not lean against the tree when cutting the trunk and make sure you use strong and steady strokes.

Using a handsaw is not the only option, but it surely is the safest piece of equipment. Just keep in mind to always cut from above and to wear safety goggles.