How To Salvage A Scratched Kitchen Island Top

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Although it looks a bit beat up, you can salvage a scratched kitchen island top, restoring it to a better appearance. Many kitchen island tops can get scratched in time. You need not consider a scratched up top as a candidate for replacement. There are some techniques to try to restore it that should become part of your kitchen renovation know-how. Countertop.

Where’s the Scratch?

You need to determine if the scratch is in the wood or just in the finishing coat. The telltale sign is whether the scratch has no discoloration. If you can view the scratch from different angles in a different light, then the scratch is in the finish. Now, this is a good thing because there are several techniques to restore your kitchen island top finish.

Try Wax

Sometimes applying a fresh coat of furniture paste wax can fix minor blemishes and scratches in your finishing coat. You can try a spray polish, but applying a paste wax by rubbing it into the finishing coat will get better results.

Lemon Oil

Take equal parts of vegetable or olive oil and mix it with lemon juice. Apply it liberally using a lint-free cloth, rubbing it in the same directions as the scratch. Use firm pressure when applying the lemon oil until you see the scratch disappear.

Hard Coats

Hard coat finishes like polyurethane are difficult to fix, but not impossible. One technique is to wet-sand the surface area with 600-grit paper. Try using a little of the lemon oil mixture, and gently sand the scratch. Once the scratch disappears, buff it with 0000 steel wool. Then apply paste wax and buff the area to create a shine.

In the Wood

If the scratch happens to be lighter in color than the surrounding area, it is in the wood. There are several techniques to try.

Nuts to Wood

Sometimes nut meat from different varieties will work to hide scratches if you rub it directly into the blemish. Rub it only into the scratch in the same direction because rubbing nut meat will darken the surrounding surface area if you are not careful.

Cheap Touch-Ups

Although there are many commercially available wood-scratch touch-up kits, save some money by trying either an eyebrow pencil or crayon. Both come in a vast choice of colors for you to match your kitchen island top. Always apply in the direction of the scratch. Crayons have a little more flexibility since they are wax and the wax can be removed. You might also try shoe polish because it comes in many colors. If using a liquid, apply with a fine-haired paintbrush.

Iodine Prescription

Iodine works well to hide scratches in mahogany. Use dark iodine on cherrywood-colored mahogany. Dilute it with denatured alcohol a little at a time to match your mahogany wood color. If it is too light, apply additional coats as needed.

Use fresh-squeezed lemon juice as your base for a lemon oil scratch remover instead of a liquid concentrate.