How to Salvage an Old Wooden Staircase

What You'll Need
Power sander
Shop vacuum
Lint-free cloth
Wood stain

There are many ways to salvage and old wooden staircase. One of them is to bring it back to life by refinishing the wood. Refinishing a wooden staircase can be a huge job, but it is well worth it if you can bring an old beautiful staircase back to life and add years of use.

The first step to refinishing is to remove any old varnish, lacquer, or paint. You will need to use both an electric sander and traditional sandpaper with a variety of different grit sizes. Start with a large grit sandpaper to begin the process. Gradually move to smaller, more refined sandpaper as you remove the old material.

Next you will need to clear away all of the debris that has been sanded off of the wood. A strong shop vacuum can help with this process, as will a damp sponge and lint-free cloth. Finally, re-stain the wood and then seal the staircase to protect it from moisture damage and drying.

Old wooden staircases are full of beauty and charm and can be brought back to life if they are refinished with care and loving attention to detail. You may want to add beeswax polish to bring out the grain and patina of the wood.