How to Sand Scratches off Your Hardwood Deck Tiles

What You'll Need
Face mask
Safety glasses
Sand paper
Drum sander
Vacuum cleaner

Scratches on your hardwood deck tiles should not bring about you anguish. With the right tools and materials, you can smooth the tiles back to their original look.

Step 1 – Clean the Deck

Clear your deck of any furniture and other materials. Use the broom to sweep away dirt from the deck and then vacuum it.

Step 2 – Start Sanding

Wear your protective gear, take the drum sander and fit your sand paper in. The sand paper should range from 20 to 36 grit. Turn on the electric sander. Begin on one end of your deck following the hardwood grain. On reaching the end of your first row and moving along the grain, switch the sander off, roll it back to where you began, and begin sanding the next row along the grain.

Step 3 – Smooth the Deck

After sanding the entire deck using course sandpaper, use the broom to sweep over the deck. Fit a medium course 50 grit sand paper and repeat the previous step. Finally, for your fine sanding, use a 100 grit sand paper over the entire deck following the wood grain. Vacuum the deck once again. It is now as good as new and ready for finishing.