How to Sanitize an RV Water Tank

For individuals who own or rent RV water tanks, sanitation becomes a routine challenge they need to address from time to time. Regular cleaning and sanitizing is necessary. The frequency and intensity of the required cleaning may also increase during warmer or hotter seasons. Although cleaning and sanitizing can be time-consuming, the task doesn't need to be as challenging and complicated as it may seem.

Initial Preparation

Before the actual cleanup, the water heater should be turned off. Make sure that the RV fresh water system has already been drained as well. Close all water valves and faucets after draining the water system.

Adding Bleach Solution

The ratio between the bleach and water should be ¼ cup bleach for 15 gallons of water.  The mixture of water and bleach should be added into the water tank through a funnel. After filling in the water tank with the bleach, the solution should be topped off with water.

Filling in the System

As soon as the water tank has been sanitized and after the bleach solution has been drained, use cold water to fill up the system.

Other Guidelines

Use care when handling bleach.  Your skin and your eyes should be protected from the bleach, which can cause irritations.