How to Save Money on Appliances

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Purchasing new appliances or having to repair the ones you already have around your home can be costly. Thankfully, there are several ways to save some green on this venture and become a savvy shopper.

Do Your Research and Shop Around

One of the best ways to save is to shop around for your new appliances. Read reviews to find out which products give you the best bang for your buck and check the price of said appliances on a range of different sites or in-store.

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Go With an “Open Box” Item

Sites like Best Buy offer deep discounts of up to 60 percent on items that have been opened and returned. There is virtually no risk in purchasing these products, as they’ve been tested and guaranteed to work and are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. This is a fabulous way to save some serious cash, especially on larger appliance purchases.

Consider Discounted Gift Cards

Sites like allow users to sell verified gift cards to thousands of different stores and sites at a discounted rate. If you have a certain place you’re looking to buy appliances from, check Raise to see if there are any gift cards available. Even if you only save a few bucks here and there, it’s better than nothing, and it’s an easy way to save.

Check for Rebates

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Many stores offer rebates on big-ticket item purchases, and all you have to do to cash in on them is submit the paperwork! Ask the sales associate for rebate options while you’re doing your shopping to get some serious cash back.

Use Cash Back Sites

If you’re doing appliance shopping online, use cashback sites like Ebates or Coupon Cabin to earn gift cards while you shop! These platforms work with different shopping sites to provide a pre-set percentage of cash back based on how much you spend. This gives you a great opportunity to make money on a large purchase and earn gift cards to frequently shopped places, such as Amazon.

Savings on Particular Appliances

There are certain tips to utilize in saving money on specific appliances.


Your oven is probably a well-used item in your home, but most households don’t get as much use out of this product as they do a stovetop. For that reason, you can probably safely choose a lower-cost oven. Just be sure to select a model that’s energy-saving and simple to clean.

Washer and Dryer

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A washer and dryer are a large investment, but a necessary one at that. To save money when making this purchase, decide what type of washer and dryer makes the most sense for your home. From stackables to two-in-one models to side-by-side options, there's a lot to choose from! Once you've narrowed that down, start looking at models that fit the bill. Examine customer reviews to zero in on a few choices that you like. Then, compare prices across different sellers.

When shopping online, be sure to check sites like Retail Me Note for coupon codes that can lead to major savings. If the need to replace your washer and dryer isn't urgent, consider researching when certain sellers had large-scale sales in years prior - for instance, around holidays - and wait for that to occur to buy these big-ticket items. Finally, if you have a loyalty card or credit card for a certain store but the model you're looking at is less expensive somewhere else, ask a manager if they can price match so that you can still get the points and rewards by shopping at that store.


Since a toaster has one simple job, you can definitely choose a budget-friendly option to save some money. Try buying a toaster during a big home sale from big-name stores like Macy’s or Bed Bath and Beyond. Also, use coupons to get this useful home item for a steal.


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A fridge is a very frequently used item that is a kitchen necessity. They’re also a large expense when you need to buy one or replace the one you already have. There are some ways to make this less of a dent in your wallet. First, figure out what size fridge you need for your space and what type of fridge best suits your needs. Read up on the different brands and models offered, and be sure to read reviews to get a sense of what fridges work best.

Next, make sure you’re doing your best to shop ahead of time so that you have time before your current fridge gives out, allowing you time to shop around for the best deal. As a rule of thumb, major fridge manufacturers usually roll out new models at the beginning of summer, so late spring is typically the time to score clearance deals on current models. Finally, shop around as much as you can and compare prices from one store to the next. Doing so online is a great resource that allows you to compare without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

It is possible to save money on appliances as expensive as their initial price may be, Don’t let the sticker shock fool you—there's money to be saved!

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