How to Seal a Bathtub Drain

What You'll Need
Rubber seal
Drain Assembly

It is important to properly seal your bathtub drain before you begin to use it. In bathtubs and showers, the drain is usually a hole in the floor or tub through which water can drain. It is vital to seal this well as any leaks can cause water damage in rooms below.

Step 1 - Use a Rubber Seal

The best way of completely sealing the bathtub drain is to install a rubber seal. This will provide a water-tight block which will prevent water from leaking out of the drain. This seal fits between the tub drain and the waste water drain, so you will need to remove or lower the pipe which extends from the floor drain. Do this by unscrewing with your wrench, inserting the seal, and then screwing the pipe back onto the seal, so the whole connection is tight.

Step 2 - Add Caulking

Once you have fitted the rubber seal, you should go around the outside of the pipe with some caulking. Buy specially designed bathtub caulking, which will be able to withstand contact with water. You can also use the caulking over any joints which are exposed in your drain and pipe work.

Step 3 - Use Drain Assembly Kit

If you have problems getting the rubber seal to fit, or find that your drain is overflowing above the seal, then you should consider installing a drain assembly kit, which will replace the old drain.