How to Seal a Cobblestone Wall

What You'll Need
Roller tray
Superfine roller

Sealing a cobblestone wall definitely proves to be a challenging process, but by following the steps mentioned below, anyone could perform this job without any difficulty. The sealant usually ends up being absorbed right below the surface of the stone wall. They are usually believed to be breathable, as they allow moisture right below the surface to escape, preventing the moisture from becoming absorbed.

Step 1: Testing

The first step is to conduct a test on the cobblestone wall. Drop few spoons of water on the wall, if it is absorbed in a quick manner, then the cobblestone wall would require a treatment. On the other hand, if it is not absorbed quickly, then the cobblestone wall is probably already treated.

Step 2: Cleaning

The next step is to clean the wall and let it dry. Make sure that the wall is free from any kind of dirt and dust.

Step 3: Roller Tray

With the help of a roller tray, pour the sealer in it. Make sure that the roller is held properly and gently roll it through the sealer right until it has been absorbed by the wall.

Step 4: Application of Sealer

Then, make sure that the roller is moved only in a single direction. Make sure that the sealer is being absorbed in just less than five minutes. Apply additional coats of the sealant if required.

Step 5: Drying

After the application of the additional coating of sealing, leave the cobblestone wall for a couple of hours and let it dry. Let the sealant be absorbed properly.