How to Seal a Concrete Paver Patio

What You'll Need
Concrete Sealer

A concrete paver patio is a value addition to your home's exterior. It enhances the beauty of your home and also offers a lot of convenience. Concrete lasts pretty long and is a perfect material to be used on patios. However, with time, it seems to lose its brightness and needs to be sealed to be protected from the elements so it continues to look good and function properly.

Step 1: Initial Steps

Use a broom to remove dust and debris from the surface of the concrete patio. After you broom thoroughly, take a pressure washer and pour in hot water inside. Turn on the steam mode and clean the surface all over again. Set the pressure of the washer to high and apply the water on the patio so that the stubborn stains, spills or dirt are completely cleaned. If you do not have a pressure cleaner, then make do with traditional cleaning methods. Sweep the patio with warm water into which a non acidic cleaner is mixed. Scrub the surface gently to remove stains and other marks.

Step 2: Type of Sealer

Check the type of concrete sealer that you purchased from a home improvement store. It can either be water-based or solvent-based. If the sealer is water-based, you need not wait for the patio to dry up. However, in case it is solvent-based, leave the wet patio to dry completely before applying of the sealer.

Step 3: Protection

Check if there are any structures around the patio that need to be covered up during the sealing process. Use canvas cloth to cover such areas. Make sure that there are no flame sources around the patio. Remove any weeds growing on the patio surface. If any surface of the patio is cracked up or hollow, fill in some filler sand so that it is level with the remaining surface of the patio.

Step 4: Application

Read the instructions on the back of the pack of the sealer before beginning work. Put on gloves. You can pour on the sealer after mixing it according to pack instructions, in a sprayer. Now spray this over the entire surface of the concrete patio so that all parts are evenly coated. Alternatively, you can use a roller brush to neatly spread the sealer on the entire patio. Make sure that the coat is not very thick as this will not serve any purpose.

Step 5: Final Steps

The sealer sets fast, say, within an hour or two. Once the first coat is dry, apply the second coat if you think it necessary. Leave the concrete patio undisturbed for an entire day. Make sure that there is no risk of rain. Make arrangements for the sealed patio surface to remain unaffected. You may cover the patio with a piece of waterproof canvas sheet. Re apply sealer on the concrete every five years or earlier if you see that the sealer has come off in any place. Keep in mind that after a patio paver is sealed you must not scrub clean it harshly.