How to Seal a Cracked Shower Tile

tile wall
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 80-100
What You'll Need
Utility knife
Silicone or water based tile and grout sealer
Tile grout

Having a ceramic tile shower is among the most commonly and easily achieved methods of adding everyday luxury to your home. Not only does tile look great, but it is also both highly durable and easy to clean. Despite these benefits of ceramic shower tiles, damage to the tile surface will sometimes occur.

There is no need to hire a professional to repair damaged tile. So long as the damage is not extensive, a well versed do-it-yourself homeowner can complete such repairs quite easily. Simply follow the steps below and equip yourself with the tools and materials listed above in order to repair your damaged ceramic shower tiles.

Step 1 - Remove Old Tile Grout

Using a utility knife, you can very carefully scrape out the old tile grout from around the cracked tile. The grout may have been cracked as well due to the shifting of the cracked shower tile and this will allow water into your underlying wall. You want to avoid this happening as much as possible as it will allow mold to grow.

Step 2 - Seal the Cracked Shower Tile

To seal the crack in the time, you will want to use either a water-based or silicone tile and grout sealer. You can push the sealer into the crack with your fingers to totally fill the cracked area. Make sure to wipe the rest of the tile clean and remove all of the excess sealer before it dries on the tile.

Step 3 - Reapply Grout and Grout Sealer

At this time you can apply grout around the repaired tile and once it is dry you can apply grout sealer. Make sure to wipe off any access grout or grout sealer from the shower time before it dries.