How to Seal a Granite Countertop Overlay How to Seal a Granite Countertop Overlay

Sealing a granite countertop overlay is a necessary step that needs to be performed at least once a year to prevent any water damage due to leaking underneath the counters, which can cause substantial damage to the entire area. Of course there are products on the market that claim that the sealant will last for a number of years, but it is still suggested to complete this task once every year to ensure best results. This process will not only effectively waterproof the countertops but it will also keep them looking new and fresh, which is important when trying to keep the appearance and workability of your countertops at a high level. This task can easily be accomplished within an hour and there is really no need to hire a professional. The basic supplies needed can be purchased at most any local hardware or home improvement store, so save yourself some money, roll your sleeves up, and get to it.


Tools and Materials You’ll Need:


Clean dry towels

Granite countertop cleaner

Granite countertop sealer



Step 1: Clean the Granite Countertop Overlay

The first step when sealing the granite counter overlay is to clean the entire area. Anything that is stored on the counters, such as coffee pots and blenders, needs to be moved to a different area away from the section that you plan to work on. Use a clean wash cloth and scrub the counters clean, using only warm water. Do not use any type of cleaning solvent because it could counteract with the type of sealant that you are using. Make sure that all dust and food particles are cleaned off before proceeding.

Next, use the granite cleaner and once again scrub the entire area with a clean towel. Make sure to clean all the areas on and around the granite counter overlay so that the sealer can bind to the materials properly. If there are any gaps or joints in the surface, be sure to clean them out thoroughly because they are a weak spot in your counter that water will naturally flow towards.

Step 2: Apply the Granite Countertop Overlay Sealer

After the entire area has been cleaned and allowed to dry, apply the granite countertop overlay sealant with a brush. Cover the entire area and allow it to dry. Rub another coat onto it, then rub it into the granite counter overlay with a clean dry towel. Once again allow it to dry. Be sure to read the application directions on the back of the product that you have chosen to use because drying time will vary according to the brand and type.

Step 3: Apply A Second Coat

Apply a second coat of sealer to the granite countertop overlay, following the steps above. Be sure that the entire surface gets coated, including the edges and any joints or gaps that may be present. In order for the sealer to work properly, the entire surface has to be coated, otherwise water will find a flaw and seep into it.

That is all there is to sealing a granite countertop overlay. It is a very easy process that costs very little money and uses up a small amount of your time. A task as simple as this can be done by any homeowner, allowing you to save hiring a professional for more complicated tasks that actually require their expertise.

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