How to Seal a Leak in a PVC Elbow

A small leak in a water pipe, caused by a leak in the PVC elbow, can create a big mess in the house. When there is a leak, the wet wood stench, the water stains and the fungus growth become added problems. If the leak is not fixed immediately, it can even lead to floods inside your home. You can protect your family from potential dangers caused by a leak in a PVC elbow with repairs like the one given below.

Materials Needed

  • Protective gloves
  • New elbow
  • Heat gun
  • PVC cutter or hack saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Alcohol 
  • PVC glue

Step 1: Locate The Leak

Locate the leak on PVC elbow. Turn on the water flow, since it becomes easy to find the leak, as the water will be squirting out from the leak hole.

Step 2: Turn Off The Water Flow

Turn off the water supply to the PVC pipe. Let the PVC pipe dry out completely. You can use the heat gun to evaporate the moisture in the pipe, so that the repair work becomes easy. 

Step 3: Dry Fit The Coupler

Wear protective gloves. Cut the leaking elbow out of the existing pipe using a PVC cutter or hack saw. Now fit the new elbow to the cut portion, to ensure a good fit.

Step 4: Sanding

Remove the new coupler. Use the sandpaper and rough up the joint. Then wipe it with alcohol to clean the remains of dirt or oil.

Step 5: Gluing

Apply PVC glue 1/4 inch on both cut ends of the pipe. Insert the ends into the new elbow. Leave the joint to dry for 24 hours before you run the water through the pipe.

Step 8: Testing

Have a pan placed under the repaired joint, to check if the water is still dripping. You have successfully sealed a leak in the PVC elbow.