How to Seal a Pressure Treated Wood Deck

What You'll Need
Pressure Washer

A pressure treated wood deck can withstand a lot of wear and tear and will look good for many years. However, in some cases, they start to look old and you will want to seal them. Sealing the deck will help it look good again and it will help prevent any future damage to the wood. Here are the basics of how to seal a pressure treated wood deck effectively.

Step 1--Pressure Wash

Over the years, a wood deck can really start to get a lot of unsightly build up on it. Dirt and residue can get down into the fibers of the wood and it can make the deck look really bad. When this happens, you will need to make sure that you thoroughly remove all of this before you seal the deck. If you go ahead and seal it like this, it is going to still have the dirt underneath the sealer. It will continue to look bad even though you have put a new coat of sealer on it. In order to remove this build up, you are going to need to utilize a pressure washer. When you use the pressure washer, you are going to want to put some detergent in the water that you are using to spray the deck with. Spend some time with a pressure washer and make sure that all of the dirt and residue is removed before going on.

Step 2--Allow to Dry

Before you try to apply a sealer to the deck, you will want to make sure that you give it plenty of time to dry. Some sealers will allow you to apply them when the deck is wet. However, most of them require that the wood is completely dry before moving forward.

Step 3--Choose Your Sealer

You will want to spend some time when you choose your sealer for the deck. There are many different products out there and you will want to make sure that the one you choose is suitable for a pressure treated wood deck. Ask an expert that works at the store where you purchase the sealer to make sure. You should most likely choose a clear sealer for this project. 

Step 4--Apply the Sealer

After the deck is completely dry, you should be able to apply the sealer to it. You can apply the sealer with a brush, a roller, or even with a sprayer if you have access to one. The best way to apply the sealer is with a brush. In this case, you are going to have to spend a lot of time down on your hands and knees. This process is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, it allows you to get the sealer down into the grooves of the wood deck. You could also choose to do the bulk of the work with a roller and then use a brush to do the details.