How to Seal a Stone Paver Patio

Applying sealer on a stone paver patio is simple. The only challenge you will face is picking the suitable sealer for your stone paver.

Tools and Materials

  • Concentrated Paver Cleaner
  • Stiff Floor Brush
  • Garden Hose
  • Garden Scissors
  • Joint Stabilizing or Acrylic-base Sealer
  • Mask
  • Masking Tape
  • Long-Handled Paint Roller

Step 1 – Choose Your Sealer

There are two types of paver sealer: the joint stabilizing and the acrylic-base sealer. Most homeowners pick the former because of the ability of the sealer to penetrate deeply into the natural stone's pores and bind joint sand, which helps in preventing sand erosion. The latter or the acrylic-base sealer, however, does not help in binding the joint sand although it gives a glossy finish, protects the surface of the stone better than the joint stabilizing type, and is more affordable. Choose the one that fits your need and budget.

Step 2 – Clean the Surface

Get the garden scissors, and cut weeds and grass growing in between the stone paver. Pick up large litter and scraps, and sweep the area with broom to remove small debris and other dirt.

Turn on the garden hose and apply water pressure on areas where dirt and grime accumulate. Prepare the concentrated paver cleaner and create a solution in a bucket using the instructions indicated at the back of the bottle cleaner. Spread the solution all over the surface area; remove deep-seated dirt, grime and oil with a stiff floor brush. Rinse the paver with water and then allow it to dry completely.

Step 3 – Check for Damage and Repair

When the paver has dried, check individual stone tiles for cracks and chipping. Repair the damage by using epoxy glue or replace the entire tile with a new one.

Step 4 – Apply First Coat

Put on mask. Using a long-handled paint roller, apply the first coat of sealer thickly so that the liquid sealing compound will seep through the crevices, and down to the joint sand. Apply per area. Create a demarcation mark using a masking tape. Applying sealer area per area allows you to manage the flow of traffic in your household. You can seal the left part first and then the right part next after the first coat has cured. Allow to dry for 2 to 4 hours, although some sealer may require more curing time.

Step 5 – Apply Second and Succeeding Coats

Check if the color of the stone paver has deepened in tone. If yes, it means that the first coat of sealer has penetrated the surface of the stones. If not, allow it to dry for a couple more hours. Apply the second coat of sealer, thickly again, and allow it to dry or cure in the same way as in Step 4. Apply third or fourth coats if desired.