How to Seal an Air Conditioner Leak

What You'll Need
Sprayer with Water
Rubber Components (if needed)
Leak Sealer or Compound
Air Filter (if needed)

By knowing how to seal an air conditioner leak yourself, you can save money on repair expenses as well as your energy bills. If it is a home air conditioner, then there is more electric pulled to circulate the cold air. A leak is present if the air conditioning unit is not blowing air which is cold or as cold as when originally purchased. This usually means the refrigerant is low. Many leaks also occur in the rubber components of the units.

The refrigerant used is very dangerous to the environment. As soon as you notice a leak, it is important to address it immediately. Yearly maintenance of the unit will both prevent leaks as well as allow for early detection. With many products looking to be environmentally friendly, some newer air conditioning units may no longer use the refrigerate Freon. If an older unit is having continuous leaks, it may be a good time to replace. If the unit does use Freon, this is how to seal the leak in the air conditioner.

Step 1 - Remove the Air Conditioning Unit

Most units are placed in a window. Remove the unit carefully. The unit cannot be placed on the ground outside once removed. This is because dirt and debris will deter performance of the unit if allowed to get in. Be sure to place it down on wood or concrete. Take the screwdriver and remove the cover of the unit. Place the screws and cover in a safe place away from the unit.

Step 2 - Clean Out

Since the cover is off, this is a great time to clean out the inside of the unit. Remove any debris and using the sprayer filled with water and rag, gently wash out the inside components. This is also a good time to check the rubber components. Look and feel for any holes and replace if needed.

Step 3 - Find the Leak

Once the rubber components are ruled out for leaks, the next step is to find the refrigerant leak. Locate the air filters and remove them. Replace these if needed. Next, the air compressor should be visible. The leak itself should also be visible. Take the leak sealer or compound and apply. The sealer should contain specific instructions on how to use.

Step 4 - Replace Cover and Unit

Place the cover back on the unit and replace screws. Reinstall the unit into the window. Turn on the air conditioner and feel the difference in the cold air. Also look for any leaks around the unit. If the leak is still present, more sealant is needed and must be applied.

Once the leak is fixed, it is time to sit back and enjoy the cold air.