How to Seal Asbestos Ceiling Tiles

What You'll Need
Roll of plastic sheeting
Airless sprayer
Latex paint
Approved respirator
A tyvek suit
Safety glasses
Plastic sheeting
Drop clothes
Painters tape
Paint brush
1/2 inch nap roller

Asbestos ceiling tiles have been used by many people over the years due to their superior quality when compared to other materials. They are resistant to chemicals, fire, and heat and they last for a long time. However, their use has been banned in some places due to their health risks that include respiratory diseases and some cancers. It is important to be well informed that the asbestos ceiling tiles pose this kind of danger only if they are damaged or broken. It is therefore vital to know how to seal them to avert the risks they may pose to their users. This sealing process is known as encapsulation and it encompasses the use of a high tech paint. Extreme caution and care is advocated for if you are to seal the asbestos ceiling tiles yourself.

 STEP 1:   Wear Protective Clothing

Asbestos may cause various health conditions and it is important that you wear protective gear that includes an approved respirator, a tyvek suit, and safety glasses.

 STEP 2:   Turn Off Air Circulation and Heating Systems

Turn off the air circulation and heating systems since they can blow the asbestos into the air. This is very dangerous since asbestos pose a great risk if they are airborne.

 STEP 3: Remove The Furnishings

Remove all the furnishings in the house since the sealing paint requires spraying and this can land on them. In case there are some items you cannot remove, cover them up with plastic sheeting. Cover the floor with the drop clothes and remove the light fixtures. If there are smoke alarms, make sure you remove them.

 STEP 4:   Cover The Walls

Using the plastic sheeting, mask the walls as well to prevent the sealing paint from splashing on them. To make sure that they hold firmly, look for those that come with masking tape. This way, you will be able to protect the walls right from the top to the bottom.

 STEP 5:   Fill The Holes

Using the spackle, fill up the cracks and holes to prevent the spray paint from penetrating. Remove all cobwebs using the duster and wipe off the dust as well.

STEP 6:    Spray The Ceiling

Using the latex paint, spray the ceiling to seal the tiles. Two coats of this paint are recommended and you must wait for the first coat to dry. The latex paints come with directions for use and you will be able to know how much time you should give it to dry.

 STEP 7:    Leave The Paint To Dry

The paint is the seal and you should give it time to dry up completely. The recommended time is four hours. Once dry, you may now remove the plastic sheets and other materials you used to cover the furniture, walls, and floor. You have successfully sealed your asbestos ceiling tiles!