How to Seal Boat Lift Canopies

What You'll Need
Spray-on water repellent
Garden hose
Soft bristled brush

Boat lift canopies are a vital part of protecting your boat from all kinds of damage. Since some parts of a boat may not be as water resistant as the parts which directly contact the water, precipitation can cause all sorts of damage to your boat's body, its interior, and the electrical systems. If you want to avoid having to clean mold, mud and other fallen debris out of your boat, you should install a boat lift canopy. After installation, it is also important to seal it well. Here are instructions on how to seal boat lift canopies.

Step 1 - Remove the Fabric

Carefully remove the fabric top from the frame.  You must also remove the sides, which you may also waterproof.

Step 2 - Lay it Out

Place your canopy out on grass or a flat surface.  Ensure that there are no sharp objects or rocks underneath it, and be aware that the underlying surface may collect the spray-on repellent you use.

Step 3 - Clean the Canopy

Brush off any dirt and dust the canopy cloth may have collected.  If a stain or patch of dirt remains, wash it off with a garden hose, and scrub it off using the brush.  Allow it to dry in the sun, until it has no moisture left.

Step 4 - Spray the Canopy

Spread out the canopy, so that it has no creases or folds in it.  Spray the cloth with the waterproofing agent, according to its instructions.  Hold the can at a 45 degree angle, and make sure the wind is not blowing significantly while you spray.  Lay down the spray in a consistent pattern, all across the fabric from one end to the other.  Repeat until you have covered the entire canopy evenly.  Allow it to dry thoroughly.

Step 5 - Replace It

Replace the canopy on its frame, once it has completely dried.