How to Seal Concrete Driveway Joints How to Seal Concrete Driveway Joints

In order to seal concrete driveway joints, there are a few steps that you will have to take. Properly sealing the concrete driveway and joints will improve the overall look of the concrete and help protect it. Here are the basics of how to seal concrete driveway joints. 

Clean the Concrete

The first thing that you need to do is properly clean the concrete surface and the joint. Before you can apply any sealer, all of the dirt and residue needs to be removed from the joint. If this step is ignored, the sealer will not stick to the surface of the concrete. One of the best ways to clean concrete and concrete joints is to use a pressure washer. This uses water spray at a high pressure to remove anything from the surface of the concrete. 

Apply the Sealer

Be sure that you purchase a sealer that is designed for use on concrete floors. Using a brush, apply some sealer to the joints of the concrete driveway. Brush it on in even strokes down into the joints. Once you have finished, let it dry thoroughly. After it is dry, you may want to apply another coat of concrete sealer and let it dry before use. 

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