How to Seal Corrugated Roof Flashing How to Seal Corrugated Roof Flashing

What You'll Need
Roofing tape
Silicone caulk

If you are using corrugated roof flashing for you home, you are going to want to seal it so that water doesn't leak into your home. This process is no difficult and only takes a few moments of your time. Read the guide below for instructions.

Step 1 - Consider Replacement

If you are trying to seal corrugated roof flashing that already has been on your house for awhile, you may want to consider replacing it. This will help preserve the integrity of the flashing for many years in the future.

Step 2 - Tape It Off

Assuming you decide to keep the flashing that you have, get some painters tape to put along the joins. This tape will be waterproof an should be able to withstand the weathering that most roofs endure. Put a layer all around.

Step 3 - Use the Caulk

Take your caulk and put a layer of it over the tape layer you just laid down. By placing this over the edges, you will ensure that water does not seep in under the tape and eventually under the roof itself. Allow the caulk to dry and redo any areas you have to.

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