How to Seal Cracks in Black Granite Countertops

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While black granite countertops are extremely durable, they can crack from time to time. If you find yourself with a cracked black granite countertop, there are a few steps that you can take to repair it. Here is a quick guide that will help you through the process.

Clean the Countertop

Begin by cleaning the countertop completely. Dampen a soft cloth and sprinkle the diamond scouring powder onto the countertop. Wipe down the entire surface to remove spills and stains, then use another soft cloth to clean up any powder that was left behind. Any spots left still can be cleaned using a sponge. Applying pressure with the sponge can help to get rid of stains without damaging the granite.

Apply Epoxy

Make sure that the surface is completely dry before you continue. Prepare the epoxy per the directions, then use a small plastic spatula to apply it to any cracks that are present. Try to get the epoxy into the crack as far as it will go. Then, level out the epoxy and allow it to dry for a minimum of 48 hours. Once dry, wipe down the surface and make sure that it is smooth.

Apply Sealer

Use a brush to apply the sealer to the granite countertop. Do this twice, allowing it to dry for at least 4 hours between and after coats.