How to Seal Flagstone Pavers

What You'll Need
Paint tray
Oil-free dish detergent
Stiff-bristled scrub brush
Flagstone sealant

A patio made from flagstone pavers is a very sought after look because a flagstone patio is  beautiful and timeless. Flagstone pavers are not inexpensive so it is important that you take proper care of them. Flagstone pavers come in rich earthy colors which can fade over time as the pavers are exposed to the elements. This is an unfortunate chemical reaction due to the flagstone pavers not yet acclimating to the surroundings. Sealing the flagstone pavers can help to prevent this fading. The following article will explain how this is done.

Step 1 – Remove Debris and Materials

Prior to sealing the flagstone pavers you will first need to remove debris and materials that are resting on top of them. Start by removing any furniture that may be present which would include patio chairs and tables as well as grills. You will also want to remove any planters or other smaller objects. Anything that can hinder the process has to be removed.

Step 2 – Clean the Flagstone Patio

Applying sealer to flagstone pavers is like painting a wall or staining wood. This can only successfully be done if the area to seal is clean. This means that the flagstone pavers need to free of all dirt, rubbish and oil. Either of these materials can create a bad seal. Use the broom to first brush away any loose dirt or leaves that may have accumulated on the patio. Once his is achieved you can then put a few drops of the dish detergent into a bucket of warm water. You want it to be somewhat sudsy but not completely foamy. Dip the scrub brush in the bucket and begin scrubbing the flagstone pavers clean. Once finished, you can then rinse the pavers clean with the hose. Allow the flagstone pavers to dry completely before moving forward.

Step 3 – Seal the Flagstone Pavers

Once the pavers have had time to fully dry you can then begin the job of sealing them. Choose a far corner to begin working so that when you are finished you will not have to walk over sealed flagstone pavers. Open the can of flagstone sealer you purchased and pour some of it in to the paint tray. Use the paint roller to apply the sealer to the flagstone pavers. Make certain that the flagstone pavers are fully painted. Continue to paint the pavers with the sealant until all of them are sufficiently and generously covered.

Step 4 – Finishing Up

Allow the sealant to dry completely. You will need to consult the can of sealant to determine how long that may be for the one that you used. Once the sealant is dry you can then apply a second coat of the sealant. Two coats of the sealant are enough to properly protect the flagstone pavers. If you happen to live in a climate that is warm more times out of the year than it is cool then a third coat is warranted. The sealer must be completely dry before replacing the furniture.