How to Seal Most Tumbled Tile How to Seal Most Tumbled Tile

What You'll Need
Rag or old clothing
Warm water
Tumbled Tile Sealant
Paint Brush

Tumbled Tile, also known as “tumbled marble,” is a stone which has been toppled to produce a natural, ancient look. From all the tiles, tumbled tile is the most natural-looking, for its surface is covered with unsystematic spots and notches. Moreover, because of its popularity, these tiles are used to improve and remodel the interior of a home. They are used to tile walls and to put up tumbled marble backsplashes. Since tumbled tile has many gaps that can accumulate fluids, you need to seal it to make it durable. Here is how to seal tumbled tile.

Step 1 – Clean the Tumbled Tile Surface

Before sealing the tumbled tile, clean it thoroughly. Utilize an old cloth and warm water to initiate cleaning. There should be no filth, grime or stains in the surface of the flooring. The reason for this is that if there is dirt left on the surface it will also be sealed and the sealant may not securely attach on the surface of the tile because of the dust and dirt. 

Step 2 – Seal It with a Sealer

To shield your tile and maintain its natural look, seal it with a sealer. The sealer will enter into the holes of the tiles and form a defensive wall against tinges. Make use of a paint brush in applying the sealer equally.

Step 3 – Put on a Second Coating

Before adding a second coating, allow the first coating to dry first. Once the first coating is dry, you can apply a second coating that will retain the exquisiteness of the area and will add shine to your tile.

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