How to Seal off Moisture with Basement Vapor Barrier Paint

What You'll Need
Waterproof paint
Everyday paint
Paint brush

Basement vapor barrier paint is a modern development for water barrier techniques. In the basement, water vapor can travel up from the ground and affect the walls and floor in the lower half of your home. It is common to use plastic sheeting as a basement vapor barrier, but waterproof paint will work just as well. This job can be done in a matter of hours, following a few simple guidelines to get it done quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

Prepare the area where the paint will be laid. You can do so by cleaning the floor and sweeping away any dirt and debris.

Step 2 - Add the Basement Vapor Barrier Paint

Basement vapor barrier paint is typically applied as a primer below another coat of paint. You may color it as you wish, although it can also be left as a white paint. Begin by painting along the edges of the walls, and move the paint towards the center of the room. Ensure that you can leave the basement at the end. Leave the paint to dry, and apply a coat of ordinary gloss paint. Both paints can be applied with a standard paintbrush.