How to Seal Rolled Rubber Flooring

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  • 4-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 60-200
What You'll Need
Rubber sealer
Detergent or vinegar
Paint roller or paintbrush
Paint tray

Rolled rubber flooring may be practical to protect areas from water, however, to prevent leakages, you should seal the rubber. Rubber may be sealed using special products, which will protect the surface, prevent cracks and water damage.

Choose the Sealer

The sealer you choose should be appropriate for rubber, as stone sealer will not protect the rubber and will not prevent water damage. Rubber seals are more powerful and include chemicals that are seamless and will resist extreme heat or cool temperatures.

Clean the Rubber Floor

The rubber flooring needs to be clean before you apply the sealer. Use detergent or diluted vinegar and a mop to clean the floor. If needed, you may also use a degreaser.

Apply Sealer

Make sure the floor is dry before you apply the sealer. Mix the sealer in a paint tray and using a paint roller or a paintbrush, apply the sealer generously. Start from a corner and make sure you cover all areas of the floor. Allow sealer to dry. A second coat is not needed.