How to Seal the Fireproof Seams of a Wood Stove with High Temp Silicone

What You'll Need
Wire brush
Tri-Sodium Phosphate cleaner
High Temp Silicone
Caulk gun
Putty knife

Using a high temp silicone to seal seams on a wood stove is smart. This creates a barrier that prevents unnecessary air from entering or escaping, while being resistant to the high temperatures associated with a wood stove. Applying it requires a few steps, but is easy to accomplish.

Step 1 - Clean the Stove

You won't be able to get the silicone to adhere, if the stove hasn't been cleaned first. TSP, Tri Sodium Phosphate, cleaner will remove any oily residue that is created in a stove. This type of cleaner doesn't leave any kind of film, and will make it easier to apply the silicone. Use a wire brush to remove any build up.

Step 2 - Apply the Silicone

The silicone is available in either squeeze tubes or standard caulk style tubes. To use the standard tube you will need a caulk gun. Place the silicone in any area where there is a gap. You can use a putty knife to clean up any of the silicone that may gunk up, or get onto the stove or wall surface.

Step 3 - Allow Time to Cure

The high temp silicone needs time to cure before you can use the stove. Most products recommend at least 24 hours, but check the label to be sure.