How to Seal Travertine Flooring

What You'll Need
Vacuum cleaner or mini vac
Travertine sealer
Commercial travertine cleaner
Vacuum cleaner or mini vac
Sponge mop
Empty spray bottles
Paintbrush or paint roller
Nonabrasive cloth

Travertine flooring can make an attractive addition to virtually any area of your home. To give this type of flooring maximum protection, however, it is important to properly seal it.

Step 1 - Clean Your Floor

Before applying your sealer, you will need to give your travertine flooring a good cleaning. Start by using a vacuum cleaner, mini vac or broom and dustpan to get rid of any dust. Next, use a sponge mop to go over the floor with a commercial travertine cleaner. Make a point of using a cleaner that is recommended by the makers of your respective sealer, lest you find yourself in the middle of a potentially hazardous chemical reaction.

Step 2 - Seal Your Floor

After your floor has been allowed to dry for the amount of time recommended on your cleaner's packaging, you'll be ready to start the sealing process. Begin by spraying down the entire floor with a water-filled spray bottle. Once several minutes have passed, use a paintbrush or roller to apply your sealer while the floor is still damp.

After a coat of sealer has been evenly spread across the entire surface, wait roughly 30 minutes before using a nonabrasive cloth to gently blot up any excess sealer. Then, allow your sealer to dry for the amount of time specified on its packaging.