How to Seal Your Attic Access Door

What You'll Need
Fiberglass insulation
Tape measure
Utility knife
Portable light

An attic access door only covers a small space, but it can account for significant energy loss. In many cases, especially in older homes, homeowners realize the attic isn't properly insulated and focus their attention there. They're right to do so, but they often overlook the attic door in the process. This article shows you how to seal the attic access door so you can save money instead of losing it.

Step 1—Enter the Attic

Open the attic access door using a portable ladder, or attached attic stairs, if you have them. Climb up carrying a portable light, making sure it is plugged in first. Carry the insulation and sheeting up, as well. Once in the attic, turn the light on so you can tell what you're doing. If the floor is finished, you will have an easier time sealing the access door.

Step 2—Insulate the Door

Measure the size of the attic access door and cut a piece of insulation slightly larger than that. This way, it will create a seal when the door is closed. Unroll the insulation over the door. Use a hammer to drive nails through the material and attach it to the attic-door frame. You should not have to worry about so much air escaping into your attic any longer.