How to Seal Your Log Furniture

Sealing log furniture is necessary if it is situated outdoors such as on a deck or in a breezeway. Indoors, it is a good idea as well to protect its beauty from the effects of age. As moisture evaporates from the wood over time, it will eventually become brittle, shrink and lead to cracking. To prevent this, sealing is warranted. There are numerous types of sealant you can use for wood furniture depending on whether it is finished with varnish, lacquer or shellac. Some products are not compatible with others , so make sure you understand what will work with the finish on your wood furniture. 

Seal Log Furniture

You might consider using a sanding sealer, a variety that is quick drying and is easy to sand afterward. Apply the sealer over the entire piece of wood furniture with the grain. Work in small sections and cover the each with the same amount of sealant. Make sure you work sealant into the end grains as well. After the sealant is dry, sand it down with fine-grit sandpaper, but do not sand through the sealant. 

Polyurethane Varnish

Another option is to use a polyurethane varnish, but be careful: it may not be compatible with a sanding sealer. If using polyurethane, make sure you understand precisely how it is intended to work. 

If your wood furniture is finished but not sealed, you don’t want to add anything to it that will affect its color. Consider your options and what state the wood is in before you add a sealant. Remember, wood properly sealed will have a longer life than unsealed wood.