Hanging a Large Glass Mirror

a woman looks at herself in a mirror

There are several ways to secure a large glass mirror to a wall. If you follow these tips, you'll be sure your mirror isn't going to fall off the wall. Before you get started, decide if you want the mirror to hang like a piece of art flush to the wall.

Hanging a Mirror as Art

To hang a large mirror as a piece of art, start by attaching art hanging wire to the back. Attach the hooks or loops to the back of the frame of the mirror about 1/3 of the distance from the top. String the wire through the loops. Ensure that the wire won't be visible once the mirror is hung. Once the mirror is ready, find a stud and hang the mirror with a nail.

a woman applies cream in a mirror

Flush Mount Mirror Hanging

If you want your mirror to hang flush against the wall, you can purchase a flush mount wall kit at any hardware store. Attach the appropriate brackets to the back of the mirror. The opposite side of the brackets get attached to the wall using available studs. Once all the brackets are attached, simply slide the mirror onto the wall and it will hang flat. The way you hang your mirror will depend on personal preference. Either method will do the job and look great.