How to Secure a Rope Ladder to a Tree House

What You'll Need
A wrench
Concrete mix (or concrete block)

A rope ladder is normally associated with a tree house. Kids love to climb up ropes, especially in a tree house. The main problem is that rope ladders aren’t very safe, hence you need to secure them properly. Tying the rope ladder with a simple knot won’t do, neither will nailing it to the floor. Remember this will be used by kids, so it needs to be as secure as possible. This article will offer practical solutions on how to secure a rope ladder properly, to avoid accidents.

Step 1: Securing the top of the Rope Ladder

First of all, you have to secure the rope ladder to the tree house from the top. This can be done by using carabiners or anchors. Make sure that you buy heavy duty anchors, since they need to support a lot of weight. Always buy stainless steel equipment, since it has to withstand tough weathering.

Step 2: Attaching the Anchors

Attach the anchors to a secure material, such as an overhead beam or platform. Take the 2 extremities of the top part of the rope ladder, and attach a locking carabiner to each of the ends. Now attach the carabiners to the anchor (attached to the beam or platform), and tighten the bolt of the anchor with a wrench.

Step 3: Using Concrete

Dig a hole of an appropriate size and pour the concrete in the hole. The concrete block must weigh more than the climber and the ladder combined. Attach an eyebolt to the concrete before it dries. Make sure that the eyebolt is fixed in the concrete at a vertical position. Leave the concrete to dry for a few hours.  Alternatively you can prepare a concrete block (along with the eyebolt fixed in it) and use that instead of pouring concrete in the ground.

Step 4: The bottom of the Rope Ladder

The most secure procedure is to secure it to the ground. This will eliminate the swinging of the rope ladder. Swinging is very dangerous, because you won’t be able to retain balance while climbing the rope ladder. Tie a carabinar to each extremity of the rope ladder bottom.

Step 5: Attaching the Rope Ladder to Concrete

Once the concrete has dried, attach the carabiners into the eyebolt. This method will preserve the possibility to unclip the carabiner from the concrete block, and pull up the rope ladder into the tree house. This is ideal for windy days.

Step 6: Checking the Ladder

The last thing to do, is to climb onto the rope ladder and check that it is secure and it supports your weight.

As you can see, there are a lot of precautions you must take to secure a rope ladder to a tree house. Make sure to tell the kids to climb the ladder one-by-one, in that way the total weight will be equally distributed.