How to Secure Mini Chopper Bikes to a Trailer or Truck Bed

What You'll Need
Pickup truck or trailer
Motorcycle tie down straps
Motorcycle ramp or 1x8 foot piece of heavy lumber
Acouple of friends

If you want to transport your mini chopper bikes, you can use a trailer or even the bed of your pickup truck to haul the bikes. Securing the mini chopper bikes on a trailer on the bed of your pickup truck is not difficult and is something that you can achieve in a few minutes with the help of a few friends. With that in mind, this handy how-to guide will show you everything you need to know in order to secure your mini chopper bike to a trailer or truck bed. Let's get started.

Step 1 - Place the Ramp on the Trailer or Truck Bed

If you have a motorcycle ramp, simply push it up against the edge of the trailer or truck bed. If you don't have a ramp, you can use a 1x8 foot piece of heavy lumber. Place the piece of lumber at the edge of the trailer or truck bed so that it creates a ramp that you can use to push the mini chopper bike up onto the flat surface.

Step 2 - Push the Mini Chopper Bike Up the Ramp

Never attempt to ride the bike up the piece of wood or the ramp as you may fall off and be injured. In order to make pushing the bike easier, you should always ensure that the bike is in neutral. Once you have the bike out of gear and in neutral, have your friends help you push the mini chopper bike up the piece of lumber or ramp onto the trailer or truck bed.

Step 3 - Secure the Mini Chopper Bike with Straps

In order to properly secure the mini chopper bike, you will need at least four motorcycle tie down straps. To secure the mini chopper bike with straps, take one end of the strap and attach it to a hook or other anchor inside the truck bed or on the trailer. Then attach the other end of the strap to a strong and stable location on the mini chopper bike. Place two straps on the rear of the bike and place two straps on the front of the mini chopper bike. Once you have all the straps in place, use the ratchet or other tightening device to tighten the straps until the mini chopper bike no longer moves and is in a straight up-and-down vertical position. It is best not to deploy the kickstand when securing your mini chopper bike with the motorcycle tie down straps. Before continuing, make sure the straps are very tight and that the mini chopper bike doesn't move at all.

Step 4 - Remove the Ramp or Lumber

Remove the motorcycle ramp or piece of lumber and set it aside. If you're hauling the mini chopper bike in the bed of your pickup truck, make sure to close the tail gate. Also remove any of the items in the bed of the truck that may move around while you're driving as these items may strike the mini chopper bike and damage it during transport.