How to Secure Your Cabinet Door

What You'll Need
Small Wood Scraps
Jig Saw

When your cabinet door continues to pop open it can be quite frustrating. Sometimes the cabinet door will be out of adjustment and it will cause them to continually stay open instead of closing tight. In order to fix this little problem you do not need to do a complete cabinet overhaul. It may take a simple adjustment or use of simple items to to secure the cabinet door

Step One - Determine Why The Cabinet Door Keeps Opening

Before you go taking off your cabinet doors, installing different items, or even messing it up even more, you should find out why the cabinet door is not closing properly. You might need to make slight adjustment to the door or even to the cabinet itself. Or, you might need to do a little sanding. You should have a plan before you go and start tearing things up.

Step Two - Install Magnets

For an easy fix for the cabinet door that continues to pop open every time you try to close it, you can install magnets to the door and the cabinet frame.

Step Three - Line Up Magnets

You can purchase a magnet set that will attach to cabinet doors that contain two magnets at different poles. When the one gets in line with the other it will hold together. Install one set on the inside edge of the cabinet face. It should mount flush with the edge so that the door will shut. Screw it in with a screwdriver or a drill.

Step Four - Attach Door Magnet

Line up the door magnet with the one that is on the cabinet face. Screw to the inside edge of the door. Close the door to make sure that the magnets line up and will keep the door from popping back open. Make any adjustments that you need to in order to keep them secure.

Step Five - Use Wood Shims

Another very easy way to secure your cabinet door is to use small wood shims. Cut the shims down to fit along the edges of the door. They should fit the width of the edge. This means you will be cutting the wood down to a very small sliver.

Step Six - Glue Shims

Use some regular wood glue and apply to the back of the wood shim. Place it in the corner of the cabinet door. Use two pieces of shim. Put one on the upper part of the cabinet door and one on the bottom if it is needed. Place the shim so that it is flush with the outside edge. Wait for the shim to dry and then close up the cabinet door. If it is still loose, you can add a thicker piece.

Closing your cabinet door is not as hard as it might sound. As frustrating as it can be, you can fix the problem quite easy with a set of door magnets and some wood shims.